Please be safe and keep people safe around you.Read Corona Virus Safety.


Corona Virus started spreading in Dec 19 in the city of Wuhan, China. Covid-19 is still not ended and its effect can be seen outside China as well. An outbreak of covid-19 creates a world health tension. As increasing pressure where the health organizations are finding the ways to cope up with this contagious disease. While ordering the patients to implement the ways to prevent them from the disease by following these steps:

Prevention Measures from Covid-19

Prevent yourself and others from the viral spreading disease by following the below mentioned procedures


As the corona virus a contagious disease. So, the best way to prevent from it by washing hands frequently. Frequently hand wash would prevent from transferring the germs into your body.


Maintain a distance of 3 feet (1 meter) at least from the effected person. Because when someone sneezes or cough, small germ gets spread in the form of air droplets and they may travel in you during the breathing process.


Avoid touching your face when you feel the hands get dirty or might have carried germs because contaminated hands transfer the disease or virus through you nose, mouth and even eyes.


Consume well cooked food, as the germs may get into the animals and other food stuff. Cleaning habit should be followed such as; cutting or chopping on a clean board, washing thoroughly, while cooking.

Drink Water

Drink water whenever the throat feels moist or dry, by drinking water it may wash down the entered germs to the stomach through esophagus. Once they get into the stomach, acid there would kill the germs and wipe them out through the body.

Tips to Stay Healthy when Travelling

While travelling, strict precautions should be followed as you are contacting with populace. And no one knows who is carrying germs, so, just to protect yourself, read the prevention measures below:

  • If you are the one who is suffering from fever or having symptoms of the disease, then avoid traveling.

  • Use mask whenever traveling, as the air may have droplets in it and there are likely chances to get affected while travelling.

  • Use alcohol-based soap or hand rub when travelling. Use it frequently to maintain the strict precaution measures.

  • If you are the one who is suffering from fever or having symptoms of the disease, then avoid traveling.

  • Eat clean, healthy and well-cooked food.

  • Avoid maintaining the close contact and do not touch the animals.

When to seek medical attention?

Whenever feel a symptom of disease like coughing, mild fever, sneezing etc. immediately seek the doctor for medical attention.

Travelled in past days ?

If travelled, report your doctor the whole history of travelling to get better treated and known by the disease.

Breathing issue?

If having a toughness in breathing or having a mild fever. Immediately get a checkup done by the doctor.